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Well yesterday was a good day.

I got my hand-fed zebra finch! "She's" quite young, only beginning to get colour on her beak, and a beautiful white mutation. I'm not TOO sure of her gender yet, but as you can see, I think it's a her :)

The beginning of my tale, which I'll keep short, included a very abused pet-store finch of the going-bald variety. She was a darling finch who had not been hand-tamed and was very timid, but I had to try to save her.

She was the first bird I had and we had a good old time together. Her name was "bunny" and she would yap at me when I went to leave the room and stare at me from her cage when I was doing work. She was a good friend and I always enjoyed her song waking me up early in the morning!!! (Ok, well, not always, but I could handle it.)

She recovered not so badly and grew most of her feathers back over the months that I cared for her, however one day in November, she went light, and I had no idea why!

It was a devastating experience for me, as she was my first and only baby. I beat on myself for a long while, but a good friend reminded me that she would have had a better life with me than in the habitat that the unnamed petstore would have given her.

Now days, however, I decided that maybe it was worth another try with a bird that was healthy. I let my heart get the best of me and sometimes I don't make the best decisions. I frequented a reputable store that specialized in birds, and ended up with Spiorad, my white zebra finch.

I just went up and played with her for a bit. She's a silly one. She still asks to be fed with her alarming spaztic calls. I love her. I hope we have a long and happy friendship. :)

A Balded Bunny...

Spiorad, Queen of the Castle...

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April 18 2008, 01:11:11 UTC 9 years ago

u need those pictures