Pii pika pikachuu? (pacificpikachu) wrote in birdtales,
Pii pika pikachuu?

Any fellow chicken-lovers here?

I just created a community devoted solely for the sharing of chicken stories. chickenstories. Anyone who would like to join and share their funny, cute, touching, or random stories about chickens is absolutely welcome. I just created it about a half-hour ago, so I'm definitely open to any input or ideas anyone would like to give.

On another note, birds rock! I own two cockatiels and a Pacific Parrotlett (in addition to about sixteen chickens), and I absolutely adore them. I'm an enthusiast of birds of all types--be they poultry, tropical, wild birds... I'm currently receiving training to rehabilitate wild songbirds who are injured or abandoned. I'm actually thinking about becoming an avian veterinarian, too. So, hello everyone!
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