Alys (belacane) wrote in birdtales,

x posted to get the word out!

I'm posting to let members here know of a community dedicated to helping find lost pets, and the overall welfare of animals, specifically birds. I hope this isn't seen as spam, but rather as the expansion of a resource.

Many of you have probably heard of the 911 Parrot Alert Network dedicated to reuniting missing birds with their families.

There is now a branch of it on LJ mostly in hopes to gain new members in the network. The larger it is, the more effective it will be.
come check it out: parrot_alert911

You don't have to be actively searching for a missing bird constantly in order to help.Just being aware that a bird is missing in your area, helps in that, if you do see an exotic bird, you know who to contact to help return the bird home.

Every little bit of vigilance counts, even if it just means checking this or the main database from time to time looking for a match, or to become aware of lost birds in your area.

In the mean time, we need the largest base of members here possible in order to be most affective.

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